Are we real estate agents/brokers?2019-08-12T07:37:04-04:00

No, we are land investors. We own each parcel listedon our site (free and clear).

Do I need an attorney or real estate agent?2019-08-12T07:40:38-04:00

We’ve simplified the buying process with straightforward, easy-to-read contracts. Of course, we encourage you to hire a professional if you think it’s necessary, but we’ve done our best to make the process easy for anyone to understand.

What are my options for purchasing land?2019-08-12T07:41:09-04:00

You can pay in full (typically, at a discount) OR we can finance the land for you at zero percent interest.

Who qualifies for financing?2019-08-12T07:41:47-04:00

Everyone! There is NO application process. We don’t even do a credit check. Regardless of your financial situation, we don’t discriminate. If you can afford the down payment, we will finance you.

Note: We charge a nominal $10 a month loan servicing fee on all contracts. All monthly payments (including fee) will be automatically drafted from your account.

What are the steps to purchase land?2019-08-12T07:43:34-04:00

Step 1:  A down payment is collected, which secures the property.

Step 2:  Within 24 hours of receiving your down payment, we’ll send out your entire deed package via email using docusing.com (we are going green by saving tons of paper). This packet will include maps, photos, your Land Contract, Promissory Note (if financing), and Purchase Sale Agreement. There is also a document processing fee of $199.00.

Step 3: Once you sign the documents digitally, If you bought as a cash purchase we will package all paperwork along with the deed and mail it off to the county to be recorded.  The county will mail you the original deed after it has been fully recorded.

If financing, upon receiving the last payment we will deed the property to you and have it recorded with the county in your name.

How long until I get my deed?2019-08-12T07:44:04-04:00

Usually, it takes 3-4 weeks for the county to record and mail to you.

Are there any liens on the properties?2019-08-12T07:44:34-04:00

Most properties offered for sale on this website have NO liens against them. On rare occasions a property may have a financial lien when offered for sale. However, when the property is deeded to the purchaser, any such lien is paid off prior to deeding so the buyer receives free and clear title with no liens.

What can I do on my property?2019-08-12T07:45:08-04:00

Each county has guidelines as to how the property can or cannot be used. The County’s Zoning and Planning department can answer all questions.

How does our money-back guarantee work?2019-08-12T07:45:36-04:00

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase of land. If you’re not satisfied for any reason with the first 60 days after closing, simply call us, and we will either exchange your parcel for one you like better, or refund your note payments up to that point and take back the deed. It’s simple: if you don’t love it, we don’t want you to own it.

We accept the offer and want to sell. What’s next?2019-08-12T07:47:59-04:00

Once we have a signed purchase agreement:

Step 1:  We perform due diligence on the property. This involves title research and verification. This step may take up to a week.

Step 2:  We create a deed and send to the seller for signature. The deed is signed by the seller and sent back to us.

Step 3:  Once we receive the signed deed. A cashier’s check is sent to the sell for the full amount of the purchase.

Step 4:  We will send the deed to the county for recording.

Do we need a title company to close?2019-08-12T07:47:35-04:00

In order to reduce out of pocket expenses for the seller (for purchases less than $5,000), we offer direct closing without using a title company. However, if a seller is not comfortable with that process, a mobile notary or title company can be used at the seller’s expense.

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